• Monthly checking and servicing the units covered under Annual
Maintenance Contract Scheme (12 Times in a Year).

• Chemical servicing will be done when found necessary.

• Attending to the Plants /Units when called upon by you. (Within One Hour of Time).

• Lubricating the bearings of motors and fans, when found necessary.

• Replacement of compressor oil will be done when found necessary.

• Gas charging will be done when found necessary.

• The maintenance services could be made available after our normal
working hours or on holidays at free of charges.

• Regular cleaning of filters & condenser will be done.

• Replacement of compressor is covered under this scheme.

• Replacement of Condenser Fan Motor and Blower Motor.

• Replacement of Blower Belt and Thermostat.

• Replacement of Catch Wall and Expansion Valve.

• Repairing & Replacement of Remote set .

• Replacement of Capacitor , Connector , Contractor and relay will be

• Replacement of Electrical Panel Board , Micro Controller & MCB




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